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About us

Specialist in stirring and mixing technology

At Typhoon, we are a team. Each of us has our own disciplines and specialisms in which we excel through investing in our team, expertise and technical capabilities – and by raising the bar a little higher every day. The pooling of our disciplines substantiates what Typhoon stands for, i.e. being the specialist in mixing and stirring technology. That’s what we are, what we’re fiendishly good at!

At Typhoon we have a common motive: we measure our success by the success of our clients. Your success is our success. That is why we always offer the best solution: customization where necessary and smart standard solutions where possible, complete with service. In this way, our clients achieve their goals.

Our ambitions in inventing, engineering, realizing and servicing mixing and stirring systems are far-reaching. We produce using a state-of-the-art machine park, and using a simulation unit in order to test processes and develop innovations in our own test lab. Exceeding expectations – that is our way of partnering with our clients.


Typhoon has a rich history with numerous innovations to its name. Our origin dates back to 1946, when the company was founded. At the time, it was known as MKT (Machinefabriek Koelewijn Typhoon). MKT took on the mass-production of agitators, to which the Typhoon brand name is linked. In 1965, an MKT sales organisation operated under the name of ‘Unimix Procestechniek’ and in 1989 a merger was effected with Martens. The success that the merged company booked in the field of fluid handling came at the expense of its highly detailed mixing and stirring technology activities. So, as of 1995, Typhoon moved forward independently within this specialism.

Today, Typhoon is the leading name in the field of mixing and stirring technology, with a strong market position in the Benelux countries and exports to all continents, and the innovative drive and pioneering spirit that gave birth to it still characterizes the company.