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roeren en mengen van voeding en dranken

Elegant solutions

Food & Beverages

You prepare foodstuffs and drinks with care, under hygienic conditions, without risk of contamination and in accordance with the HACCP, GMP and FDA guidelines. Where the stricter laws and regulations for food safety and quality count, Typhoon gets involved in the process.

Always the best solution

The food and beverage industry is raising the bar for food safety and quality even higher. Work according to the requirements of HACCP, FDA, EHEDG and GMP is familiar subject matter for the agitation technical advisors from Typhoon. They have the process know-how for the purpose of providing cost efficient solutions: a swift and accurate solution to be validated.

Typhoon develops, produces and maintains stirring and mixing systems that meet all the relevant standards. This is reflected for example, in the high level of finishing of the equipment and the optimum cleanability – aspects that make it possible to remain operating longer.

Tried and tested formula

In our own test facility we are able to test new recipes or processes. Typhoon knows how ingredients – liquid or solid – behave and is able to draw experience from many sources. The findings provide the basis for risk-free production at any given level.

Scaling up an experimental situation to an industrial environment requires specialist knowledge and skills. Typhoon controls this process in all its facets and thus occupies a unique position in the market, ensuring successful operation of the mixing process, so you can realize a perfect final product.

Typhoon works in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Obviously the systems also meet the 2006/42/EG European Machinery Directive. In places where explosion hazards prevail, we supply equipment that meets the 94/9/EC ATEX Directive.