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The beauty of a healthy process

Pharmaceuticals & cosmetics

When health is our most important asset, the manufacture of medicinal and beauty products deserves all the care it can get. Using Typhoon’s sanitary and aseptic mixing systems, you will meet the HACCP, EHEDG, GMP and FDA standards and guidelines, and be able to control the stirring and mixing process down to the smallest detail.

Utmost hygiene

In the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, the production processes run with the utmost hygiene and these aseptic procedures must also be demonstrated in the mixing and stirring process. Typhoon therefore treats client-specific products with the utmost care, ensuring that Typhoon can meet all the current industry needs and requirements.

The high finishing standard and the well thought-out design of the equipment contribute to optimal cleanability (CIP) at a lower cost (in terms of energy, waste flow and time). The sanitary properties prevent contamination. Typhoon contributes in many ways to perfecting your product.


The systems are easy to validate. Typhoon works in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Obviously the systems also meet the 2006/42/EG European Machinery Directive. In places where explosion hazards prevail, Typhoon supplies equipment that meets the 94/9/EC ATEX Directive.