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Typhoon books record sales in 2013 - 29-01-2014
Typhoon books record sales in 2013

Typhoon books record sales in 2013

Thanks to the good inflow of orders and the many great projects, 2013 was a very successful year for Typhoon. As a specialist in stirring and mixing technology, the company was able to more than double its sales in comparison to 2003.

"We really needed to roll up our sleeves as a team at the beginning of 2013," Typhoon's Managing Director Peter Ordelmans discloses. "But our final sprint for the finish was like nothing we'd ever seen before. It was a significant achievement of which we can be truly proud."

A range of projects

Last year, Typhoon stood at the helm of a range of large-scale projects. Orders for mixer units for oil storage terminals were filled, exciting projects for the dairy industry were completed and in Asia, Typhoon got to work implementing enormous inline mixers. The company was also able to improve its standing in Germany. "We are often involved in technically and commercially challenging projects," says Ordelmans. "But thanks to the close cooperation that exists within the team, we were able to serve our clients successfully." Increasingly, Typhoon's flexibility and talent for innovation is put to the test. "We are being forced to walk the road less travelled," Ordelmans explains. "And in order to remain successful in 2014, we will have to view this trend of deviating from our standard programme as a way of life."

Continued investments
The success booked in 2013 is in part due to good investments, but according to Ordelmans, that's only logical. "We made the conscious decision to invest in product development, knowledge, automation, production and technology, and I am certain that in the figures for 2014, we will see the returns on these investments." As such, Typhoon's core goals for 2014 are clear. "Among other things, we will further develop our activities in Germany and introduce a standard mixing unit," says Ordelmans. "We're making the move to 3D engineering and in the areas of knowledge and innovation, we are making further investments in an extensive process configurator. All in all, we have some great prospects and as a team, we can start the year with confidence."