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Maximum flexibility - 01-11-2016
Maximum flexibility
Maximum flexibility
Maximum flexibility
Maximum flexibility
Maximum flexibility

Typhoon has supplied an international chemical group with customised stirrers with mobile lifting devices for stirring processes in various batch sizes. The reservoirs are filled with a solvent-based product for which ATEX zone 0 applies in the reservoirs, and ATEX zone 1 outside of them. The challenge for Typhoon was to create maximum flexibility for the user, while respecting the Machinery Directive and ATEX regulations.

  • The system is fitted with a mobile, manual telescopic lifting device, which has the benefit of being very compact when in the lowest position.
  • The lifting device comes with a hinged V frame for vessels of 30 to 210 litres, which are attached to the installation using a clamping strap. The 30-litre vessel is placed on a rotatable table, whereas the 200-litre vessel is placed on the ground. Since the system detects the position of the rotatable table, it knows the size of the vessel to be stirred.
  • Folding the V frame creates sufficient space within the H foot for placing a 1,000-litre Industrial Bulk Container (IBC).
  • For all reservoir sizes, the installation can only be used once the photo cell has detected a reservoir. The hinged arm used also ensures that the stirrer can be set at the correct position for larger reservoirs and IBCs. The perforated stirring shaft cover protects the rotating stirring shaft.
  • The installation is operated by a pressure-resistant control box with frequency converter, mounted to the lifting device on a frame. The housing is fitted with control buttons and various safety measures, such as a height detector for the lifting device, reservoir detector, detector for the position of the rotatable table, and stirring shaft position detector for the smallest reservoirs.
  • The earthing unit only releases the installation once the reservoir containing matter has no voltage.
  • The installation is supplied with an ATEX certificate and an IIA certificate in accordance with the Machinery Directive.


If you have a new challenge for Typhoon, please contact one of our technical stirring advisors, who will be happy to deal with your enquiry and submit it to our engineering department.