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Joining forces with Indutrade Benelux – Typhoon - 03-03-2021
Joining forces with Indutrade Benelux – Typhoon

Ready for the future through link-up with Indutrade Benelux

Exactly 75 years after our company was founded, we have taken a wonderful and major step forward. In order to further shape our ambitions and anchor the quality of our service provision, we are joining the Indutrade Benelux industrial group of companies. ‘A strategic choice that is a seamless fit with our mission: to put our customers in the best possible position with the best solutions for their processes,’ Peter Ordelmans states.
Indutrade Benelux and Typhoon officially joined forces on 15 February 2021. Indutrade Benelux is the holding company of the Indutrade AB industrial group of companies established in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. More than two hundred subsidiaries of the listed organisation offer efficiency, process and quality improvement solutions. ‘In terms of company culture and values, Indutrade and Typhoon are very well matched,’ Peter Ordelmans explains. ‘We also have the same driving forces. We both put our customers and employees centre stage in everything we do, and we care deeply about technology.’

Continuous innovation

We will keep our company name and continue to operate independently with our trusted team of passionate experts. ‘Our customers and relations will keep their trusted contact persons. By joining forces we will combine the best of both worlds. Our strong new shareholder will provide us with many opportunities to enhance our impact and realise our ambitions faster. For example by developing and introducing new products and serving new international markets. Continuous innovation, that is what Typhoon stands for. Through continuous improvement and innovation we can offer our customers optimum results, continuity and operational reliability. This joining of forces is good news for us as a company, but also for all the parties that we collaborate with.’

Want to know more?

Roderik Hol and Peter Ordelmans will continue to manage Typhoon. Do you have any questions about joining forces? Contact them on +31 162 522 122. They will be happy to answer any questions.