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Mixing and stirring technology

Typhoon has always been an innovative company. Half a century ago, we were the first manufacturer of agitators who applied eccentric stirrer shafts. The decentralized positioning of the agitator shaft resulted in improved product quality, process speed and energy savings. From our extensive empirical experience, we have developed many types of agitator elements for addressing the most diverse stirring processes.

Simulation unit

With our large scale simulation unit (column height of 4 metres), we reached a new milepost in the further innovation of our area of expertise. The internally developed simulation unit is able to perform experiments with volumes up to 7,500 litres, in which the stirring process is measured on multiple aspects and the process data is described in real time via advanced software. With our simulation unit, we test out concepts for stirring and mixing based on the results of experiments that take place in a completely controlled and realistic situation.

Special features of the simulation unit are:

  • 'Slide rail' for central and decentralized agitator positions.
  • Possibility of placing baffle plates in combination with central agitator position.
  • ‘Real time’ measurement and visualization.
  • Measurement of mixing time, flow rate, temperature, power, agitator shaft speed (RPM) and the forces on the agitator shaft
  • Visual process to be followed by means of transparent cylinders.
  • Volumes up to 7,500 litres
  • Four-phase structure up to 4 metres in height.
  • Scale 1:1 simulations with commercial agitators
  • Interchangeable bottoms for the purpose of visualizing the effect on the flow pattern

For detailed documentation on the simulation unit

Machine construction

The young and highly-trained members of the Typhoon team have numerous innovations to their names. Answering client-specific questions makes innovation a permanent theme for them and to give substance to innovations in machine construction, they make use of the latest 3D engineering software. An experience database supports them with new discoveries and applications. Additionally, they are able to directly apply the information provided by the simulation unit.Our extensive test facilities and modern machine park give new degrees of freedom in the design and implementation of ground-breaking solutions.