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Customized Solutions thanks to focus on technology

Stirring and mixing are definitely a speciality. Whoever wants to be good at it cannot offer it as an additional service, or as a supplement to other disciplines. Typhoon focuses exclusively on stirring and mixing. For us, mixing and stirring technology is not a matter of secondary importance - it’s our main business. To know everything about this technology, both experience and capacity for innovation are necessary. The history of Typhoon has demonstrated that thanks to our numerous innovations, we are always the benchmark in the market – a position we're able to maintain due to our deep rooted knowledge of our clients' processes. We know what our clients want and we know what they need.

Our passion constantly drives us to seek new ways to improve product quality and optimise processes, and resulting from years of experience and numerous innovations we’re always able to provide a suitable solution. We deliver proven standard solutions where possible and customization where necessary.